Become Welcome2Work mentor and accompany the refugees to the German job market is a german wide online employment placing plattform, where refugees can register as applicants and companies as employers. While applicants present their qualifications through a CV, employers can look through the applicants‘ profiles or publish open job advertisments. It is all free for every party. Circle of helpers or social workers can register as representative for various refugees and create various applicants profiles. If a company has difficulties looking for an employee, it can order aimed brokerage contracts for a consideration. The revenue will go completely to the refinancing of the project. To assure, that there is not just mutual willingness, but that the whole process from the application until the integration in the company will work, mentors are needed, who take the refugees by the hand and guide them through this process. Welcome2Work is located in Karlsruhe, but there are nationwide job offers and applicants, hence we need your help. Create a local Welcome2Work mentor group and help refugees with the integration into the job market and the german society!

What can is demanded as Welcome2Work mentor and how will I be supported?
We expect a high level of reliability. Since we will be able to influence real destinies in the future, it is really important to keep in touch and to be available as contact person for the refugee and the Welcome2Work team. The first step is to register as mentor on (currently not possible). You will get an invitation for an introduction workshop, where you will get all important information. In the internal area, you will find additional information and documents compared to the info wiki If you have questions, you can contact us But what will be your tasks? That will be explained in the following:


More detailed information and supporting materials for each step, you will get after your registration. If you have questions, suggestions and feedback about the project in general, please contact We are looking forward to welcome you as a part of the Welcome2Work mentor program!