Welcome2Work is an easily accessible platform that simplifies the entry of refugees into the German job market, as well as providing companies with a suitable applicant that perfectly suits the company’s needs. We understand that an efficient transition into a job requires more than a job search platform; that is why we are in committed and constant contact with volunteer organisations, helpers, social workers and lawyers in order to build a network that can help the applicant during the entire preparation for a sustainable and smooth transition into a company.


Companies and businesses can search through suitable candidates as well as promote their own vacant jobs.


news3 We want to provide companies with information that helps clarify and explain the many work possibilities for refugees as well as provide a transparent playing field where the applicants and companies can understand each other.


verified2Mentors also stand by the companies during the application process, making sure the applicant is ready to work for you.


This is the internal area for employers. Here you can make your job offer, look at the applications and search for suitable applicants.

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