cv Our website allows companies to actively take part in this process, by searching through the large pool of applicants with diverse skills and qualifications.



Partners and mentors organise local workshops that can help ready applicants for their future in the jobmarket by helping the applicants to write their CVs, informing them about the working culture and helping to prepare themselves on achieving their goal.



Through our mentoring system, volunteers help the applicants throughout the entire application process to ensure their success.

This is the internal area for applicants. Here you can write your application as a CV and search and apply for suitable jobs offered by the employers.
You must be registered and logged in to get access (currently not possible).

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The registration and usage of this platform is free of charge!

First steps

1. Register on the Website (currently not possible)

You only need your name, an email address and the zip code of your place of living.


2. Fill out the form for the “Patenvermittlung”

Your “Pate” is your mentor and will assist you in the process of getting qualified for the German job market. He or she will help you writing important documents, such as your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter.


3. Create a CV and upload it

You can create a CV by typing in your details in a form which creates a PDF, which you can download and print. Your CV is visible for all the companies registered at Welcome2Work.They can contact you if the think you’re the right person for the job. Furthermore, you can apply directly to one of the job advertisements.


4. Inform yourself about the legal situation

There are different types of work in Germany and the laws to start a job vary depending on your residence permit status. Inform yourself on Welcome2WOrk or ask your mentor.



What your mentor will help you with

1. Finding a German course

Even if you know a little German, you should always try to learn more. It not only makes your chances bigger to find a job, but also to integrate into German society. Your Mentor will help you find a suitable German course.


2. Help to translate and accredit certificates

To ensure the completeness of your application documents, translated certificates are necessary, if you still have them. These should also be certified and if necessary officially accredited. Your mentor will help you with this process.


3. Help with understanding German working laws

It is difficult to understand how the laws for refugees are for different forms of work. The mentors will provide you with information on when
and how you can work and in which institutions you should ask for permission.


 4. Preparation for the German labour market

In seminars for intercultural understanding, you will learn how to get along in a company quickly.


 5. Creating application documents and preparation for an interview

Your mentor will help you to create a suitable CV and cover letter. In addition, he will prepare you for a possible interview, so that there are no barriers for a successful application anymore.

And most importantly, all of this is for free!

If you need help or have any questions, contact your mentor or send us an email to