Our Vision

Welcome2Work is an online platform that brings together companies and refugees. We want to simplify the job application process for refugees, as well as provide companies with access to a large pool of qualified applicants. We are hopeful that Welcome2Work will become the basis and pillar for the successful and sustainable integration of refugees in German society.


Work makes the difference

Where would we be without work? How would we able to invest in the future and support our families without a secure income? A safe job position not only gives us independence from others, but it improves self-value and provides a chance to live our lives anew. This is an opportunity everybody deserves. Applicants can use our website to create an application profile and showcase their CV; as well as apply for job offers that are offered by employers on our website. Mentors will help to prepare applicants for the German job market.


Employers benefit

Many businesses and companies have problems finding suitable workers and qualified staff for their vacant jobs. Refugees not only benefit from understanding our culture, but also benefit our society by being a productive member of it. Our website allows companies to actively take part in this process, by searching through the large pool of applicants with diverse skills and qualifications. Our most important goal and responsibility is ensuring that we guide and promote suitable applicants to your company.