How to profit from Welcome2Work

First steps

1. Register on the Website

You only need your name and an email address, but we recommend to also write the city you are staying, so we can help you easily.


2. Fill out the form for the “Patenvermittlung”

Your “Pate” is your mentor and will assist you in the process of getting qualified for the German job market. He will help you writing important documents, such as your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter.


3. Create a CV and upload it

Even if it is not a perfect CV, it will help us to find a mentor, to suggest jobs or special workshops to you. The CV is also viewable by companies and they can hire you if they think you’re the right person for their job.



What we/your mentor will help you with

1. Finding a German course

Even if you know a little German, you should always try to learn more. It not only makes your chances bigger to find a job, but also to integrate into German society.


2. Help with certification and translation of certificates


3. Help with understanding German working laws

It’s really difficult to understand, how the regulations for every job are. We will give you the information, when you are allowed to work and at which institutions you have to ask for a permission. You can only get the permission, if you have a job offer.


 4. Prepare you for the German Job market

We are offering some workshops for cultural understanding or on how to behave in a company. We hope we can offer this in your city soon!


 5. Help you with writing your CV or preparing you for an job interview



And most importantly, all of this is for free!

If you need help or have any questions, contact your mentor or send us an email to